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Teen College Student Fatally Shoots Cop After Being Caught with Drugs: Cannabis?


Teen College Student Fatally Shoots Cop After Being Caught with Drugs: Cannabis?

Early on Monday at the campus of Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas, campus cops were “conducting a student welfare check” searching the dorm rooms of students, when they found “drugs and drug paraphernalia” in Hollis A. Daniels room.

Authorities or the media will not specify what drug or drugs were found, and that is suspect because the complexion of the case would be much different if they only found cannabis and not any hard drugs. Cannabis is of course still illegal in Texas.

Daniels was arrested and taken to the Texas Tech University police headquarters at 413 Flint Avenue for more questioning, and that’s where he drew a gun and shot a cop point blank in the head before running away. He was caught an hour and a half later.

Hollis had a history of being arrested for cannabis, which happens a lot in Texas to people his age. Texas police still frown upon cannabis very strongly, and they are particularly aggressive in that region (central Texas).

Texas Tech released an emergency signal advising people to stay safe, and a SWAT team searched for Daniels. A Texas Tech cop tackled him and apprehended him around 9:30 p.m.

Summarized by the Tab:

“According to his Facebook page, the 19-year-old from Seguin, Texas, was studying Communication Arts. Daniels, whose full name is James Alvin Hollis Daniels, has two arrest reports from the last two years.

As recently as June, his Instagram shows him hanging out with friends and family. He is seen below celebrating Father’s Day with his dad, far right, and enjoying parties with friends from high school and college.”

For once, this seems to be entirely real and not an event that has been possibly manipulated by the media.

It seems to be a sad story about a potentially troubled kid who smokes cannabis and/or uses drugs, repeatedly arrested by Texas cops until he snapped and killed one. This is something bound to happen in Texas, where the drug war is alive and well.

Here are some pictures of Hollis A. Daniels, including some posts from his Instagram account “og reido.”

(Image credit: NY Daily News, the Tab, the Blaze)

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