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Devastated Families In Shock Over The Release Of Multi-Murderer


Devastated Families In Shock Over The Release Of Multi-Murderer

In 1997, a Jordanian Soldier was convicted of killing seven Israeli children, today, he has been released from prison after serving his 20 year sentence, sources said on Sunday.

They said Ahmad Daqamseh was now with his family in the village of Ibdir in northern Jordan.

During the summer of 1997, a member of the Jordanian military tribunal found Corporal Daqamseh guilty of discharging his weapon at a group of 80 seventh and eight grade children from AMIT Fuerst School in Bet Shemesh and killing seven before soldiers reacted and rushed to help the victims and captured Daqamseh.

The late King Hussein traveled to Israel a few days after the incident to visit and pay his respects to the families of the children. While, Ahmad Daqamseh became a strong  influence to the opposition act led by nationalists and Islamists who opposed the country’s peace treaty with Israel in 1994. The tribunal also stated the reason for his vicious attack was because he was mentally unstable. To then only receice only one life sentence for such a devestating life experience for all those invoiced and extended. To make matters worse a life sentence is only 20 years under Jordanian law.

According to records in 2011, a Jordanian Justice Minister Hussein Mjali called Daqamseh an influence and said that “”if a Jew murdered Arabs, they [the Israelis] would build him a statue.” He served as Daqamseh’s defense attorney in the 1997 trial.

The Daqanseh, has never showed remorse for the slaughter of innocent children and traumatizing over 70 more. During an interview in 2004 with Jordanian weekly a-Shahed, he said that “if I could return to that moment, I would behave exactly the same way. Every day that passes, I grow stronger in the belief that what I did was my duty.”  Daqamseh blamed the girls’ behavior for the shooting, saying that they had interrupted his prayers with whistling and clapping. The bloodshed ended suddenly when Ahmad Daqamseh’s M-16 rifle wedged or the number of loses would of been worse.

Source: ABCNews

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