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Donald Trump Bans Travel Into The U.S. From These 7 Countries


Donald Trump Bans Travel Into The U.S. From These 7 Countries

United States President Donald Trump made it official on Friday, he signed an executive order to ban refugees from entering the U.S. for 120 days and immigrants from 7 Muslim countries for three months. The nations he picked are Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Iran, Iraq and Syria. Trump is keeping the promise he made during the campaign, but people were still shocked.

Liberals urgently launched an attempt to deny the executive order in Congress with Chuck Schumer, the gathering’s leader in the Senate, pleading it was “Un-Civil & Un-American” and appeared to have been put “on the back of an envelope”. It came as the US State Department got critical cables from embassies abroad announcing outrage.

Many of diplomats  and U.S. foreign service authorities signed a “dispute cable” contending the ban would lead to a “drop in international good will toward Americans” and was counter to American values.

Source: CNN



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