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Donald Trump Insults Australia, Threatens To Send Troops To Mexico


Donald Trump Insults Australia, Threatens To Send Troops To Mexico

On February 2nd, Americans received the news early in the morning that their President (Donald Trump) had needlessly insulted the PM of Australia and even threatened to take over Mexico.

Trump reportedly bragged about his election victory over the phone with Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and that he railed against a arrangement the Obama organization had hit with the Australian government to take in a little amount of refugees currently trying to enter their country.


On Wednesday night, Washington Post reported this message from Trump to Turnbull, “this was the worst call by far.”

Relations between the U.S. moreover, Mexico have been particularly unpleasant in the earlier week. Last Wednesday, Trump asked for the advancement of a divider on the U.S.’ southwest edge and tweeted that Mexico would deal with everything, a certification he made every single through hey presidential fight (and one that Mexican pioneers have again and again disdained). Peña Nieto crossed out a masterminded visit to Washington D.C. over Trump’s remarks, while Trump requested Twitter that both pioneers had normally agreed on the cancellation.

Reportedly, Mexico denied that the conversation between both leaders was threatening and insulting, in fact, it was constructive and respectful.

Australia is a nearby U.S. military trading partner and ally, however Trump’s remarks are probably not going to turn around survey numbers indicating blurring Australian famous support for that alliance.

Source: NYTimes

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