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Kremlin: Putin And Trump Could Meet Before July


Kremlin: Putin And Trump Could Meet Before July

United States President Donald Trump could meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin face-to-face before July, both of the two leaders had a an hour-long conversation on the phone during the weekend, said by a presidential spokesman. 

Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said to Russian news agency TASS that the two leaders “more than likely” will meet before July 7-8 which is held by a Group of 20 summit in Germany. Peskov hopes the presidents’ helpers won’t waste any time in preparing for the face-to-face meet.

Saturday, Putin and Trump spoke for the first time over the phone since Trump was elected president. “It was a good, constructive conversation,” Peskov said.

According to the Russian Government, they had an hour conversation about the issues in the Middle East, the Korean Peninsula, the Arab-Israeli conflict, fighting terrorism and Iran’s nuclear program.

Kremlin also added, ““During the conversation, both sides expressed their readiness to make active joint efforts to stabilize and develop Russia-US cooperation on a constructive, equitable and mutually beneficial basis.”

Trump and Putin have proven that they want to keep a good relationship between the two nations even after  the Obama organization forced authorizations against Russian organizations and people for Russia’s claimed endeavors to meddle in the U.S. presidential decision further bolstering Trump’s good fortune, support of separatist strengths in Ukraine and illicit extension of Crimea.

Source: CNBC

Source: ABCNews



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