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WikiLeaks Will Share CIA Hacking Codes With Tech Companies, Jullian Assange


WikiLeaks Will Share CIA Hacking Codes With Tech Companies, Jullian Assange

Founder of Wiki-leaks Julian Assange said last week his organization would handover tech companies with unique access to CIA hacking codes to help them fix software errors. 

WikiLeaks published documents last week describing exclusive CIA snippets of computer codes and hacking tools. The full programs did not publish that would be needed to actually conduct cyber exploits against internet-connected televisions, computers and phones.

During a press conference broadcast via Facebook live, Assange said, “So I want to announce that after today, considering what we think is the best way to proceed and hearing these calls from some of the manufacturers, we have decided to work with them to give them some exclusive access to the addition technical details that we have so that the fixes can be developed and pushed out, so people can be secure.”

On Wednesday, Law enforcement officials and U.S. Intelligence told Reuters that contractors likely handed over the documents to WikiLeaks. Officials also said they thought the published archives had been hacked, telling Reuters that contractors likely had breached security and handed over the documents to WikiLeaks. Leaving two intelligence officials  believing that the published documents about  the hacking techniques used by the CIA between 2013 and 2016 were credible.

Assange will release “a lot more information” about the CIA’s cyber arsenal soon.

Furthermore, with WikiLeaks’ publishing the documents it reignited a dispute about whether the U.S. Intelligence departments should hide the growing seriousness of how our  cyber security  is left with so many vulnerabilities . Increasing the argument on whether or not this information should be shared with the public or not. Under Former President Barack Obama, an inter-agency process was called for erring on the side of disclosure and keeping the public in the dark about this further developing crisis.

WikiLeaks was led to release thousands of pages of information on its website when the CIA became aware of a breach since the end of last year.

Source: NPR

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