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10,000 March Against Mandatory Vaccination in Poland: The Crackdown

Last weekend the people of Poland took a stand against mandatory vaccination, with participants all across the world.

While countries from Italy, to Australia, to the US are moving faster toward mandating that citizens receive vaccines for going to work, school, and any other reason they can conceive of, the family members of vaccine injured people have a movement going that is so persistent, so energized, it should earn the admiration of all other activists.

Reports of at least ten thousand people marching in the streets of Poland emerged, but the mainstream media ignored it. Here are some photos from the event.

(Image credit: Leanne Ricigliano Laboy)

The person who posted the photos said similiar marches were held in Czech Republic, Ireland, France, Italy,
Slovenia, Serbia, Netherlands, Poland, Uruguay and USA (California).

The marches were a part of Vaccine Injury Awareness Day, which is now June 3rd. A website can be found called Light a, for the hopefully now annual gathering.

It was well summarized by Tami Canal at March Against Monsanto:

“Poland has issued a global call to action for citizens of the world to protest against mandatory vaccinations this Saturday, June 3rd which is also International Vaccine Injury Awareness Day.

Similar to the United States, Australia, and countries in the E.U., the Poland government maintains questionable and dangerous vaccine standards.

The press release, issued by, lists several examples of Polish vaccine guidelines in an effort to rally people to demand the fundamental right of informed consent be maintained.

1. Poland administers the dangerous oral polio vaccine and will continue to do so until stocks are gone, despite the fact that this vaccine was given an “immediate withdrawal” status.

2. Polish doctors are punished if they try to inform patients on the numerous side effects and adverse reactions of vaccines.

3. Parents are charged with ridiculously expensive penalty fines if they choose to not vaccinate their children. The only vaccine exemption in Poland is death.

4. Poland has the highest child immunization rates in the world, but the lowest rate of doctors who vaccinate themselves for flu.

5. Poland continues to order the use of the risky, whole cell DTP vaccine even though it has been recalled in much of the world.

6. Polish newborns, including premature babies, are injected with a cheap, Korean version of the Hepatitis B vaccine that is used nowhere else in Europe. Polish babies are also given a vaccine for tuberculosis that was banned in Germany 18 years ago!

7. The Polish Sanitary Chief Officer is on record rapping a song mocking vaccine-injured children who were hurt as a result of the government’s negligence.

8. In Poland, it is illegal to issue a petition to change any of the above standards. Citizens who seek to change vaccination laws are sent to jail.

This comes after Italy introduced some of the most tyrannical mandatory vaccination laws of any country in recent history. This angered the Italian people, and they marched as well.

(Image credit: Jenny de Gee)

Summarized by the Independent:

“The Italian government has made 12 vaccines mandatory for children attending school up to age 16 in an effort to combat what it characterises as misinformation about vaccines.

The new measures followed an intense public debate over vaccines after a measles outbreak and political sniping over accusations that the populist 5-Star movement had emboldened anti-vaccine advocates.

Paolo Gentiloni, the Italian Premier, told a news conference that the new rules aimed to combat “anti-scientific theories” that have lowered Italy’s vaccination rates in recent years.”

If anyone thinks the government should use force against people who subscribe to “unscientific” theories, they should volunteer themselves for the 12 vaccines at once.

If vaccines were good for us, governments across the world wouldn’t be pushing a hard line trying to force us to get them. The truth about this issue is so deep and dark, it cuts to the heart of where the powers that be are trying to steer citizens.

If you don’t already know why thousands of parents of vaccine injured children are participating in this movement, please research away. Research “VAERS vaccine injury reports,” or “Gardasil injuries,” or anything about how vaccines damage people.

Watch the documentary “Vaxxed” at this link. Please share this with as many people as possible.

Deneb Verdad is a researcher and writer from Del Paso Heights, California. His topics of interest include mapping out the world's nefarious powers and entities, DARPA, technocracy, and others.


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