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20 Forbidden Places They Can’t Even Be Viewed On Google Maps

Google is so in bed with the US government and that clique of power in the world, you might as well consider them a government entity in certain respects.

After all, they were created out of the bowels of American academia that works closely with “defense” contractors, DARPA, and the military. Of course Google Maps is going to leave out whatever the people with power and influence want left out.

Here are 20 places you can’t see on Google Earth/Google Maps.

1. Babylon, Iraq

Babylon was one of the most famous ancient cities in the history of the world, largely populated between 1800 BC and 700 BC. It’s not common for an entire city to be blurred out on Google Maps, not even entire sensitive portions of things like military related areas or oil facilities are blurred out. Why can’t we see Babylon?

2. A Decommissioned NATO base

Any time a base is “decommissioned,” watch it closely. Something weird is going on with this Google Maps image, apparently, this isn’t even the facility, but a completely different plot of land falsely super imposed over the NATO facility in Oeiras, Portugal. What goes on here?

3. The Keowee Dam

This location is notable for aiding in the operation of a major East Coast power facility, from South Carolina. Why would this place be off limits to Google? It could be anything from a simple corporate preference to seriously shady dealings going on here, who knows.

4. The original HAARP Site

Ever heard of “HAARP?” While this particular base is supposed to be no longer really in operation for HAARP technology, it’s a well proven fact that other HAARP-type facilities exist, and many believe they are essential to the function of weather manipulation, specifically heating up ionospheric particles, sprayed aerosols of aluminum, barium, and strontium. That topic is incredibly important and will be sadly relevant in the future, you can read a book about it for free here. We’re being poisoned, some people believe.

5. The Michael Aaf Building

This one is sinister. This has for a long time been a chemical weapons testing site right there in Dugway, Utah. Since Google Earth has been around basically, it has been whited out. This can’t be good.

6. North Korea

Yeah, the entire country of North Korea is off limits to Google Earth. If you were enemies with a block of power that is basically working in conjunction with Google, you’d probably do the same. However, that doesn’t make the regime of North Korea in any way humane or legit.

7. Reims-Champagne Air Base

In Betheny, France one can find this air base, which has been completely pixelated and blocked from Google Maps. They’re a strong ally of the US and NATO and a very active player in whatever war the West wants, from Libya to Syria.

8. Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant

This is a Hudson River nuclear power plant, which can be viewed as nothing but a warning on Google Maps.

9. Volkel Air Base

It’s common practice for military installations and facilities to be blocked out from Google Earth. It doesn’t mean those militaries are moral or justified, but it makes sense. However, this particular facility in the Netherlands wasn’t blurred out until WikiLeaks published some info about it housing nuclear warheads. Makes even more sense.

10. Minami Torishima Airport

This is a simple one runway airport that was constructed in order to serve the Japanese Maritime Defense Force. You know it would be blurred out.

11. Mobil Oil Corporation Buildings

People are in fact aware that Exxon-Mobil is what Rockefeller’s notoriously corrupt Standard Oil corporation turned into, right? Well for some reason they specifically want to conceal their Buffalo, New York location from view of the public.

12. United States Air Force Ramstein Air Force Base

This US Air Force Base is located in Germany, and during Operation Iraqi Freedom it was once considered as a potential target. At least that’s what the official narrative is, either way you can’t see it on Google Earth.

13. Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

For some reason Google Earth doesn’t want you to see this race track. Could it be something really shady, or just a corporate policy? It is located in Monterrey County, California.

14. Szazhalombatta Oil Refinery

This is a Hungarian oil refinery, and we know oil companies can be rather secretive. The question is, is it for a reason that we do not understand or is it easily explainable?

15. Parque Tantauco

This is a Chilean national park. Why would it be blurred out? It’s private ownership may be a factor, but the truth might be worse.

16. Cornell Hydroelectric Power Planet

Watch out any time you hear the name of one of America’s academic powerhouses. In Ithaca, New York, Cornell placed what they call a “high tech and eco-friendly facility.” Apparently it’s not “eco-friendly” enough for the public to see it.

17. Colonel Sanders’ Face

You can’t see the face of KFC’s logo on Google Earth. Why? It doesn’t matter, there are better things to think about.

18. The Dutch Royal Palace

Don’t forget, a lot of Europe is still ruled by monarchies who literally have inherited power, father to son, for centuries. Why would royal people who believe they are better than everybody else let Google Earth get up in their business? They have power.

19. Elmira Correctional Facility

In Elmira, New York this prison you can’t see. That’s scary, to say the least.

20. Baker Lake

In Nunavut, Canada this lake has been actually rumored to contain extraterrestrial beings. Why would Google Earth put a bold, black strip over the entire lake? That’s odd.

(Image credit: Boredom Therapy)

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Deneb Verdad is a researcher and writer from Del Paso Heights, California. His topics of interest include mapping out the world’s nefarious powers and entities, DARPA, technocracy, and others.

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