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The #5 Biggest Threats to Humanity Exposed

In the past several years as people used the Internet to search for the truth about the wealthy and powerful, nefarious and hidden individuals in the world, articles cited people such as David Rockefeller.

David Rockefeller indeed was an influential figure hidden from mainstream history. He is now dead, and upon his passing documentaries such as this one were released.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, an elite connected man who participated in the arming of the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan in 1979, which led to the creation of armed “islamic extemists” and the fall of the Soviet Union, is another man who falls into the David Rockefeller category: he also died in 2017.

So now, let’s take a look at 5 lesser known individuals of influence. There are always powers and even wealthier individuals behind these, whose names we might not even know at all: but the best we can do is recognize these names to start off with.

1. Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger is now advising Donald Trump: he “advised” Obama, and “advised” just about every last president for the past several decades.

If you’re smart, you’ll recognize the relationship between Kissinger and presidents in the body language of these photos. Which person is in control?

As long as this wretched old man continues to exist, he will apparently play this role guiding an agenda that runs seamlessly through each figurehead of a president.

2. Evelyn de Rothschild

The influence of the famed Rothschild family is actually very difficult to tangibly identify. One billionaire from the family has apparently enough power to instruct Hillary Clinton on what to do, although she is known to prostitute herself out as a politician to advocate for the interest of the highest bidder indiscriminately.

In WikiLeaks emails released in 2016, it was revealed that Evelyn de Rothschild and his wife were in close contact with Hillary Clinton, ensuring that she would do favors for them to protect Israel. According to a Free Thought Project article titled: “WikiLeaks Show Rothschilds Grooming Clinton for Presidency — Months Before She Launched Candidacy”:

As Wikileaks reveals in the ongoing hugely-damaging release of John Podesta’s files, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, who maintains an incredibly cozy personal relationship with the Clintons, was already forming Hillary’s economic policy in January 2015 — long before the former secretary of state announced her candidacy.

On January 7, 2015, Lady Rothschild wrote to top Clinton aide, Cheryl Mills, under the subject heading “FW: Elizabeth Warren”:

“I think this blog overstates what Warren was doing, but we need to craft the economic message for Hillary so that Warren’s common inaccurate conclusions are addressed. Xoxo Lynn.”

In fact, it could easily be argued Clinton’s Big Bank loyalty more accurately lies specifically with the Rothschild family.

Wikileaks’ previous release of Hillary Clinton’s emails disclosed an April 2010 exchange in which  Rothschild tells Clinton under the subject heading “Miss you” that she “would love to catch up” and “I remain your loyal adoring pal.” Clinton responds in kind, “let’s make that happen,” and signs off, “Much love, H.”

Then in September 2010, Clinton messaged Rothschild, “I was trying to reach you to tell you and Teddy that I asked Tony Blair to go to Israel as part of our full court press on keeping the Middle East negotiations going.” She also asks, “Let me know what penance I owe you.”

At the time, the revelation was striking: it was finally an obvious account of a Rothschild influencing government.

He is a British billionaire financier, who has held many seats of power throughout his history. According to Wikipedia:

Born into great wealth, Evelyn de Rothschild became one of England’s most eligible bachelors, spending his youth travelling, socialising, driving exotic sports cars, enjoying thoroughbred horse racing and playing polo. It was not until age 26 that he decided to join N M Rothschild & Sons banking house to be trained in the family’s business. In 1955, a couple years prior to Sir Evelyn’s entry into the family’s business, his father had to retire from the position of chairman due to illness and his cousin Victor Rothschild took over as chairman.

Evelyn de Rothschild was appointed a director of Paris-based de Rothschild Frères in 1968 while Guy de Rothschild from the French branch of the family became a partner at N M Rothschild & Sons. In 1976 he took over as bank chairman from Victor Rothschild and in 1982 became chairman of Rothschilds Continuation Holdings AG, the co-ordinating company for the merchant banking group. He became co-chairman of Rothschild Bank A.G., Zurich in 1994, serving until 2003 when he oversaw the merger of the family’s French and UK houses. David René de Rothschild of the French branch took over as executive chairman of Rothschild International after the different branches had been merged and Sir Evelyn continued as non-executive chairman of N M Rothschild & Sons. In 2003, he founded with his wife, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a holding company, E.L. Rothschild, to manage their investments in The Economist and various enterprises in India.[3]

Throughout his career, Evelyn de Rothschild has been actively involved in a number of other organizations in both the private and public sectors and has held the following business positions:

Chairman – The Economist (1972–1989)
Chairman – British Merchant Banking & Securities House Association (1985–1989)
Deputy Chairman – Milton Keynes Development Corporation (1971–1984)
Chairman – United Racecourses (1977–1994)
Director – De Beers Consolidated Mines (1977–1994)
Director – IBM United Kingdom Holdings Limited (1972–1995)

Evelyn de Rothschild also served as a Director of the newspaper group owned by Lord Beaverbrook. Years later, he served for a time as a Director of Lord Black’s Daily Telegraph newspaper. An owner of thoroughbred racehorses, he is a former chairman of United Racecourses.

As you can see, Rothschild bankers hold power in many, many different banks and institutions. From that quote alone one can name entities such as E.L. Rothschild, Rothschilds Continuation Holdings AG, N M Rothschild & Sons, de Rothschild Frères, ect. Several more Rothschild banks and institutions exist, and several more suspected but not proven to be under Rothschild control exist.

A Rothschild associated banker, and ex-Goldman Sachs man of course became Trump’s Treasury Secretary: Steven Mnuchin, as you’ve probably heard. Connections between Trump’s administration and everyone from Rothschild bankers to Exxon executives was explored in this video.

3. Christine Lagarde

The first two people on this list are certainly individuals on a greater echelon of power than government officials, but it’s difficult to determine when a figure is of actual power or more of a puppet.

Whether she is a puppet or holds actual power, Christine Lagarde has been head of one of the most powerful financial institutions on Earth, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) since July 2011.

She was born into wealth and power, traveling to begin her career in government as many people born into power do, at a very young age. She held prominent positions in the French government. According to Wikipedia:

Christine Madeleine Odette Lagarde (born 1 January 1956) is a French lawyer and politician who has been the Managing Director (MD) of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) since 5 July 2011.

Previously, she held various ministerial posts in the French government: she was Minister of Economic Affairs, Finance and Employment, Minister of Agriculture and Fishing and Minister of Trade in the government of Dominique de Villepin. Lagarde was the first woman to become finance minister of a G8 economy and is the first woman to head the IMF.

A noted anti-trust and labour lawyer, Lagarde was the first female chairwoman of the international law firm Baker & McKenzie between 1999 and 2004.”

She raised eyebrows among aware people a few years ago, when she gave a cryptic speech with several references to the number seven.

More research needs to be done on this woman and the International Monetary Fund.

4. Bill Gates

It should come as no surprise that Bill Gates is on this list. To reiterate the influence he wields it would be redundant, so here are a few lesser known details about him.

His parents were the heads of Planned Parenthood: that institution has been involved with population control and eugenics since its inception, and so has the Gates family.

Bill Gates feels the same way about population control, and he speaks about it all the time. He famously said that vaccines could help reduce population, letting the agenda slip fully while grinning in this interview.

He later of course claimed that vaccines would help reduce population by making less births happen because there is greater health and less urgency to reproduce in places such as tropical Africa. If you know who Gates really is, you know that’s an official line of bullshit.

Recently, Gates made headlines by buying land in Arizona to turn into a “smart city.” A smart city is basically a completely controlled, survielled city where artificial intelligence monitors everything and determines how to “most efficiently” control the city’s operations and population. It’s kind of like hell, and it’s already happening in China.

According to an article from the Tech News titled “Bill Gates is building a “smart city” in Arizona”:

“Albeit he slipped from the list of the world’s richest men, the wealth of Bill Gates is still beyond the imagination of most of the people. And from his enormous wealth, the ex-CEO of Microsoft has invested $80 billion to buy a massive chunk of land in Arizona to create a smart city of the future.

According to Arizona-based investment firm Belmont Partners, the 25,000 acres of land is about 45 minutes west of Phoenix, in an area called the West Valley. Aptly named Belmont, this futuristic city could accommodate around 80,000 residential units after giving up 470 acres for public schools and 3,800 acres for commercial space.”

5. David Keith

David Keith is the least powerful man on this list: a true puppet, a member of our bottom class who is only slightly wealthier than the average person, selling out his fellow people for momentary satisfaction.

Keith is a Professor of Public Policy for the Harvard Kennedy School at Harvard University, as well as executive chairman of Carbon Engineering. He is Gordon McKay Professor of Applied Physics for the Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

He is more notoriously a persistent advocate for spraying the atmosphere with metals to “combat climate change,” or overt geoengineering programs to modify the weather.

He is a figurehead promoting chemtrail spraying, the slang term given to the covert geoengineering, or weather modification operations already going on all over the world. He is absolutely nothing special: a prostitute for overt geoengineering. Any figurehead however, who promotes the incomprehensibly dangerous agenda of overt geoengineering, spraying the sky every day to “combat climate change,” is a vital threat to humanity.

According to the Mind Unleashed:

It’s official: the US government’s partners in academia are going to openly spray us. It’s a move toward a future where they openly spray the skies to supposedly fight climate change.

Harvard scientist David Keith and his partner are going to spray the sky with aluminum oxide and other chemicals to “experiment” with geoengineering: solar radiation management (SRM) as they call it, to block out the sun.They want to block out the sun to supposedly combat climate change, but the well documented history of weather modification for military purposes suggests there are other motives.

(Image credit: the Daily Mail, YouTube, JTO, PBS, the Mind Unleashed, nairaland)

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Deneb Verdad is a researcher and writer from Del Paso Heights, California. His topics of interest include mapping out the world’s nefarious powers and entities, DARPA, technocracy, and others.

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