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Agent Orange: 27 Disturbing Photos Of The War Crime The US Gov’t Got Away With

Did you know that during the Vietnam War, the US (in cooperation with it’s corporate allies Monsanto and DOW Chemical), sprayed Vietnam with thousands of gallons of a particularly toxic pesticide? It’s called Agent Orange.

To this day, children with birth defects are being born, and Vietnam is still poisoned with Agent Orange. The birth defects are particularly horrifying because many of the children are born with no eyes. Their elders get cancer at alarming rates, and the effects of the US’ campaign to spray poison on Vietnam is still having resounding effects.

Emphasis must be put on the immense volume of Agent Orange that was sprayed: for  years, the chemical was sprayed all over the country, to allegedly “defoliate” it and destroy Vietnam’s thick canopy of trees.

The chemicals in Agent Orange are equal parts of 2,4,5-T and 2,4. The thing is, those chemicals aren’t very different from the chemicals sprayed on American cities by the US government today: the “Zika” spraying in Florida and South Carolina, or the recent Houston spraying.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Houston, Texas was sprayed with the pesticide “Naled,” which is banned in several countries. According to Derrick Broze:

Houston area health officials are working with the U.S. Air Force to conduct an aerial spraying operation on Thursday night in an attempt to fight a possible influx of disease-carrying mosquitoes following flooding from Hurricane Harvey. However, residents fear the spraying of the chemical known as Dibrom, or Naled, may cause unintended health consequences.

The Air Force will be flying modified C-130 cargo planes out of Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio in an operation which may take more than one day.

The US has sprayed a lot of lands with a lot of different harmful things, from pesticides, to various biological warfare materials to geoengineering materials that produce trails.

Can you imagine being sprayed with sticky, extremely flammable napalm by US war planes, to be set on fire and burned alive along with your entire family and village?

That’s why North Koreans hate the US government: the US killed about 20% of North Korea’s population, burning entire villages of people alive with napalm in the early 1950’s Korean War.

Also in the turbulent 1950’s, vaccine producer Merck and Co’s president George W. Merck had his work pay off as the head of the War Research Service, the US’ biological warfare program: San Francisco was sprayed with an infertility causing bacteria, as other experiments on citizens occurred.

The people of Vietnam’s struggles with horrifying eyeless children, birth defects, cancer, and other injuries are one incomprehensible bullet point on a long timeline of biological and chemical warfare, often waged by the US and its coalition.

Today, Monsanto produces the chemical weapon white phosphorus, which causes excruciating burns. It is sold to the US military as Agent Orange was: it is sprayed on Palestinian civilians, burning people to death.

Here are 27 pictures of the Agent Orange situation: they include photos of the chemical being sprayed during the Vietnam War, of modern day victims of birth defects, and other horrifying things that must be recognized to ensure they never happen again. However, truthfully this is happening again, war is constantly ongoing and people don’t care.


(Image credit: the Mind Unleashed)

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Deneb Verdad is a researcher and writer from Del Paso Heights, California. His topics of interest include mapping out the world's nefarious powers and entities, DARPA, technocracy, and others.


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