Anonymous: Message To The Citizens Of The World 2017

By Mr Robot

December 18, 2016

Residents of countries around the globe, we are Anonymous. This is a message from us, from the resistance, the last line of safeguard. We have been viewing the world’s occasions unfold around you, and frankly, we are extremely disappointed.

The giants completed by governments worldwide every day have become very old and we are here to convey these debased demonstrations to equity. On the off chance that you are burnt out on viewing the world, our exclusive home, be tore to shreds for the deception of wealth in light of paper with false esteem set upon it, on the off chance that you fear your legislature or hesitant to get up in the morning to a war-torn city, whether you’re apprehensive about your life being lost since you have been hurled into inconsequential wars, battling for somebody you’ll never meet, or who will never think about you, yet the cash he takes as a result of you, then you, old buddy, are a piece of the resistance.

We are here to request that the general population join our campaign. Educate. On the off chance that you are listening to this communicate, in case you’re watching this transmission, on the off chance that you are perusing our words and letters, then you, old buddy, are Anonymous. Part of a perpetually developing army that will never die. Part of a group that depends as one. This message goes straightforwardly to the general population that know about our undermined, an unwilling society, and additionally to the general population that don’t know yet wishing to be. Longing for something more in life other than cash and work. Besides, we will never be decimated.

We, as in you and us. We, as in everything and everybody. We as a thought. Thoughts can’t be captured, executed, or broken. It can’t be meddled nor would it be able to be ceased. Thoughts, similar to valor, is infectious. Thoughts can’t be separated. The thought is in the psyche. You can’t discard it in the junk. You can’t delete it, nor would you be able to overlook it. We are Anonymous and we are a thought to be figured with. We are a thought that will never stop or stand inertly by while our administrations submit wretched acts against the general population they claim to serve and ensure so very. In case you’re burnt out on your legislature and it’s broken framework, on the off chance that you are sick of individuals not willing to nurture our reality, our rights, our general public and its future eras, then go along with us. Join the resistance.

What have you done as such far in life aside from get to be distinctly similar to the next 7 billion individuals who are experiencing a similar procedure. We know this is the reason you look for us. Both us and yourself knew the minute you clicked this video (or read these words), that your time and minute has came. Since you, as the majority of the general population around you, need improve. You need empathy. You need mind. You need rights and an open society that has constructive outcome without government intrusion. You need less esteem on human ownership and more esteem on human life. We know this is the reason you look to wind up distinctly Anonymous. However a great many people are concerned. Stressed that they won’t prevail in life. Stressed that they won’t have enough cash to encourage their families. Stressed over their future.

Stressed that they won’t have enough cash to pay the lease. Stressed that sometime they will get to be something low, while others expected something high from them. Stressed over their employment and their appearance. Stressed over death. You need something more to life than to be conceived, grown up, profit, resign, and kick the bucket like the a great many individuals possessing this globe and every last bit of it to no end. That is the reason we are here. That is the reason the resistance has came. We are not heros. We are concerned subjects. Framed, constructed and shaped upon from a thought that cleans itself with flexibility and equity. We were here since the begin. Since the start of you. Since the introduction of everybody and everything. We are battling for your rights. We are battling for you and you as it were. We talk as one.

For we wish for no popularity or benefit yet genuineness and fairness. However we are not only one single individual gathering or group who call ourselves Anonymous.

We are not simply programmers like the media says and has debased you with. We are you. We are your neighbors. We are your fathers and your moms. We are your children and your girls. We are your close relatives and we are your Uncles, your sisters and your siblings. We are the poor unemployed man who is searching for his motivation in life and the sustenance to put on this present family’s table, and additionally the legal adviser who battles for the blamed to the court for law and the instructor who educates the youngsters, and the individual who conveys your mail, the understudies in your school, the specialists your organization.

We are the individual close you. We are the individual strolling with you. The individual in the auto you are seeing right at this point. We are your partner and adversary. We are them and they are us. This was a message from Anonymous, the last resistance. This was a call of equity. We are Anonymous. We are the resistance.

Watch The Video Below:

We are army. We are a thought. We don’t excuse. We keep in mind. Joined as one. Isolated by zero. Expect us.