Anonymous Sends Message: “We Told You Something Was Coming & Now It’s Here”

By Contributor

December 04, 2017

[CE] We are being faced with an incredible challenge of truly asking ourselves who we are and what we’re doing here. A shift in consciousness is upon us. 9 years ago when I started writing about this shift, it was called crazy, pseudoscience, new-age BS and more. But year after year since then, more and more people have been discovering the truth of the changes we are going through and what they truly mean for our consciousness as humanity.

Remember, what we see in our world and what plays out is a reflection of our current global consciousness. We raise awareness about what is going on so we can become aware of what our consciousness is creating so we can then shift it. Simply by knowing, we begin to shift.

You probably feel it in your everyday wakefulness, that something isn’t quite ‘right’ with our world and also that something very big is changing. When you look at our political arena and the divides and conflict that seem ever increasing, when you look at the sex scandals and revelations coming forth about some of our world’s most influential people, or when you simply pay attention to what’s really going on from a big picture perspective, it’s likely you will see we are experiencing a very pivotal time.

Some might see this as a scary or negative time, as if the news and information we are seeing is down or depressing. But is it actually? Or is this our perception of it? It’s true that in our hearts we don’t want to see suffering, but it is through that suffering that we can learn a great deal. And if we want to end the suffering, we have to have the courage to look at it straight in the face and find out what it’s showing us.

Anonymous’ New Message

The hacker group Anonymous has put out a message on its YouTube channel summing up some of the biggest and most pivotal events of 2017 that are pushing forth an agenda that could change our world forever in ways that aren’t favorable to us as a whole.

I’m talking about things like AI, transhumanism and an all out totalitarianism state. We’re being systematically divided so deeply that we won’t have the ability to organize in the slightest if we do not become more aware of these agendas and see through them and the power we give them. Some of us turn a blind eye to these things, but this doesn’t help our situation. These are all things we need to realize are happening to us so that we may empower ourselves and change our state.

We are truly at a pivotal time, a time I have personally have been studying for 9 years and made an award winning film about in 2012 which you can watch here. We are set with the opportunity to shift our entire world.

The Collective Evolution 3: The Shift is a powerful documentary that explores a revolutionary shift affecting every aspect of our planet. As the shift hits the fan, people are becoming more aware of the control structures that prevent us from experiencing our full potential. CE3 uses a different level of consciousness and science to bring clarity about the shift while dispelling myths about our true nature. It offers practical steps that we can implement right now to transition out of survival mode and into our more natural state of peace and co-operation . CE3 includes fascinating interviews with revolutionary speakers and people who are already opting out of the current socioeconomic system. The film examines hidden technologies and exciting alternatives for a bright limitless future. This is the most exciting time in the history of our world.

Anonymous’ Big Message