CIA Released a Document Proving ‘Adolf Hitler Is Still Alive’

By Mr Robot

October 31, 2017

Recently declassified CIA documents apparently confirm other related FBI documents involving Adolf Hitler, claiming he managed to escape Germany after WWII and lived out the remainder of his life in South America.

The files suggest that in 1955, the CIA’s WHD chief (Western Hemisphere Division) was given a secret memo, bearing the subject line “Operational: Adolf Hitler.”

It was from the acting CIA station chief in Venezuela, suggesting that one of his sources was the recipient of a tip about Hitler being alive and well in Argentina.



The CIA revelations apparently confirm the FBI documents that also referenced sources who claimed Hitler was living in Argentina.

The CIA station’s chief had an informant titled “CIMELODY,” who was contacted by former SS trooper Phillip Citroen, who claimed to have been in close contact with Hitler, who was living under the false name Adolph Schuttlemayer. He claimed to contact Hitler about once a month in Colombia, while on trips from Maracaibo working for the Royal Dutch Shipping Company.



Citroen said that Hitler departed Colombia for Argentina sometime around January 1955, and falsely suggested that the statute of limitations for war crimes was over, it being 10 years since WWII.

The CIA files reveal that Citroen told CIMELODY that he had a photograph with Hitler, providing a grainy picture:




There was little additional exploration of the evidence on part of the CIA, as if they received some high-up order to cease investigation.

Why would Hitler be allowed to escape? Perhaps it’s because he was a mere figurehead for an agenda that worked behind the scenes.

Other influential Nazis, such as Fritz Ter Meer of Bayer, were set free after WWII, only to return to high positions in corporate and government power in Germany. In fact, they went back to the very same corporations that compose “big pharma” today.

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(Image credit: the Free Thought Project)