The Arctic is Severely Poisoned With Mercury: the Most Evil Organic Chemical

By Mr Robot

July 15, 2017

Mercury is a traditional toxin, one that has been used as a weapon against people for thousands of years. It has been used as fake allopathic medicine, used in industrial processes, and is produced from things such as coal processing/burning.

The history of mercury is interesting, from the Roman practice of damning prisoners to work in mercury mines until they became poisoned and died, to the modern day practice of injecting children with mercury, Thiomersal in vaccines which some claim has been removed, but it hasn’t been in most vaccines.

It was recently announced that the Arctic is contaminated with mercury. Somehow mercury from coal manufacturing ended up all the way in the Arctic.

A study published Wednesday in the journal Nature details how mercury from industrial activity far from the Arctic is contaminating it.

According to the Washington Post:

“The study finds that the majority of the contamination in the Arctic tundra came from a gaseous form of elemental mercury, carried through the atmosphere from other parts of the world, where it was emitted to the atmosphere as a result of the burning of coal and other industrial activities.

Once it reaches the Arctic, the scientists believe the mercury is sucked up by plants — mainly in the summer, when snow cover is at its lowest and the tundra is at its greenest — in much the same way that vegetation pulls carbon dioxide out of the air. As the plants shed their leaves or die, the mercury moves into the soil and eventually may leach into rivers and waterways, which carry it into the Arctic Ocean.”

(Image credit: YDO)

Mercury builds up in the body and doesn’t leave for years without long, extremely difficult and ineffective chelation.

It is a potent endocrine disruptor, causing the epitome of bad feelings emotionally. Mercury is linked to anxiety, depression, suicide, kidney problems, memory problems, skin rashes, trouble speaking, difficulty seeing or hearing, numbness in the hands and feet, and countless other things.

Mercury removes the myelin sheath from neurons in the brain and cells in the body, which can lead to paralysis and neurological disorders. People become mercury toxic most often from mercury amalgam dental fillings, vaccines, and fish.

During the horrifying Spanish raping and pillaging of South America in the 16th and 17th centuries, slaves were forced to mine mercury deposits. The toxic metal was used to purify silver in Central America so the loot could be brought back to Spain.

Mothers would purposefully disfigure and maim their children to render them physically unable to work in the mines, to spare them from the torture of mercury poisoning.

Far before the Spanish made native slaves suffer from mercury poisoning, the Romans subjected prisoners to it until they died. According to

“The Romans used their mercury mines as penal institutions for criminals, slaves, and other undesirables. The warders were among the first to recognize that there was a high likelihood that the prisoners would become poisoned and spare the keepers the need for formal executions. Mercury is primarily a neurological poison, causing tremors, extreme mood changes, and eventually loss of hearing and restricted vision.”

So whenever environmental mercury pollution pops up in the headlines, pay attention: this is an age-old intolerable toxin.

I would go so far as to suggest some powerful people might have a kind of occult understanding about mercury, that only people privy to the history of human slavery would understand: those people who know about the Romans and Spanish.

(Image credit: AA, ATC)