Fake Police Scammed $1.2 Million in Weapons from the Pentagon

By Mr Robot

August 01, 2017

Have you ever heard of the “Government Accountability Office?” I hadn’t either until I read this story.

Don’t expect this random office of government, that has tax dollars lazily thrown at it, to actually hold the behemoth of the US government accountable, but recently they made headlines for conducting a sting operation against the Pentagon.

The Pentagon’s “1033” program has been so eager to throw military grade weapons at local police departments, that the Government Accountability Office caught them supplying weapons to a fake police department in a sting operation.

The GAO created a fake law enforcement agency, with a fake website and address, and applied for military-grade weapons from the DOD. In less than a week the weapons arrived, no questions asked.

According to the Marshall Project:

“In its response to the sting, the Defense Department promised to tighten its verification procedures, including trying to visit the location of law enforcement agencies that apply and making sure agents picking up supplies have valid identification, the GAO report said. The department also promised to do an internal fraud assessment by April 2018.”

Basically, the GAO paid employees tax money stolen from the American people, to bust another government agency paid by tax dollars, and the agency they busted will face no consequences whatsoever for being down to supply any alleged government agency that could apply for weapons, with millions of dollars in weapons.

Nothing changed, and no one is being held accountable: but this “Government Accountability Office” can create the illusion that they are doing something.

Research “Pentagon 1033” and you’ll discover some pertinent info about the militarization of US police.

(Image credit: Wikifightforthesoulofthecities)