Google to Release 20 Million Bacteria Infected Mosquitoes in California

By Mr Robot

July 18, 2017

Recently, a company owned by Google’s parent corporation Alphabet, Verily announced plans to release 20 million mosquitoes on Fresno, California, to allegedly kill mosquitoes that carry disease.

Verily, which used to be called Google Life Sciences, will release the infected mosquitoes to allegedly fight West Nile Virus, Zika, and other probably overblown threats.

According to Verily, “Debug Fresno” is designed “to reduce the devastating global health impact that disease-carrying mosquitoes inflict on people around the world.”

They even developed an autonomous robot with the ability to breed 150,000 mosquitoes every week. Does it get stranger than that..?

According to RT:

“It plans to release 1 million infected mosquitoes every week for 20 weeks over the summer in an attempt to decrease the wild mosquito population in two 300 acre neighborhoods in the Fresno area.”

The mosquitoes are infected with “Wolbachia pipientis,” a bacteria that renders male mosquitoes sterile, so when the (allegedly) all male mosquitoes are released and breed with Fresno’s female population, the eggs will not carry life and the mosquitoes will die out. They of course claim the bacteria is not harmful to humans.

However, the Serratia marcescens bacteria sprayed on San Francisco secretly in the 1950’s and 60’s was also alleged to be harmless, but it is linked to infertility in humans.

The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments included releasing mosquitoes infected with syphilis on African American communities in the Southern US: this is too similiar to not raise red flags.

Although these people claim only one species of mosquito will be targeted, what is the consequence of wiping out a species in an ecosystem dependent on them anyway? All kinds of animals eat mosquitoes. How will the food chain be altered when those animals need to find more food?

To make it even creepier, collaborators with Google “MosquitoMate” and “the Consolidated Mosquito Abatement District (CMAD)” secretly released about 800,000 Wolbachia-infected mosquitoes in Fresno last year. I guess no one is paying enough attention to be outraged that they are being secretly experimented on.

However, a few Fresno residents were outraged about the utterly insane dump of chemtrails that they were blasted with in 2016. Over a dozen videos can be found on YouTube about Fresno’s extreme chemtrails in 2016.

This video was recorded not far from Fresno (in Sacramento, California), the very day before the Fresno video was recorded. The residents are being experimented on in more ways than one.

They claim to be only killing a certain type of mosquito that carries disease that has suddenly been discovered in Fresno the past several years: but how did that foreign mosquito get to Fresno in the first place?

Continuing from the Russia Today article:

“Verily does not plan to eradicate all mosquitoes in the area, only the Aedes aegypti species, also known as the yellow fever mosquito, which transmits diseases such as Zika, dengue, yellow fever, and chikungunya.

The Aedes aegypti has only been in California since 2013 when the species pushed north and become pervasive.”

People who don’t see the danger in this probably are immune to seeing the danger in anything. We can’t be treated as test subjects or our future isn’t ours.

If you’re interested to know how they’re justifying this, here is the official propaganda video.