The Top 10 Safest Countries To Be In If World War 3 Breaks Out

By Mr Robot

September 23, 2017

World War 3 is something that has been discussed for the past several years, particularly since around 2013 when a wave of concern about it seemed to rise.

While an anti-climactic “failed prediction” type of feeling looms over the movement of people who are paying attention to the warning signs of WWIII, since it hasn’t happened yet and for years they’ve been warning about it, its elusive nature and unpredictability should not dissuade people from keeping their eye on it.

Then again, people have to clearly differentiate between mainstream media fear-mongering about WWIII (perhaps with the North Korea situation) and truly tumultuous geopolitical firecrackers with the potential to erupt into large-scale conflict.

This video proposes 10 of the safest countries if WWIII erupted:

The list goes:

10. Switzerland 9. Tobalu 8. New Zealand. 7. Bhutan. 6. Chile 5. Iceland 4. Greenland 3. Malta 2. Ireland 1. Fiji

While many factors point to the listed countries being fairly safe in a WWIII scenario, allies of the US will undoubtedly be called upon to serve the goals of US/UN foreign policy, so nations like New Zealand (basically an extension of Australia) may not be as safe as they currently seem.

In any case, hopefully this encouraged some to think about where they would go if a world war broke out.