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Anonymous: Message To The Indigo Youth Of The World

Anonymous sends out a message, this time it’s only to the Indigo youth!

Many think Anonymous is simply a gathering of programmer activists. This is not precisely true. Anonymous isn’t a gathering or association for every say.


Consideration Indigo, gem, and rainbow offspring of the world. Welcome from Anonymous. We are reaching you today as there are the individuals who say you and those like you are here to introduce the new time. A time of peace and edification. It has been said you are here to challenge the oppression that has so since a long time ago tormented our reality. To ascend against bad form and clear a path for another, agreeable world.

Be that as it may, the planet is by all accounts going in the other heading. Organizations have adulterated about each administration on the planet. Our government officials our controlled by cash. The general population who are pledged to ensure us are presently beating and murdering us. Covetousness and lack of interest are celebrated while liberality and resistance are taunted. The media are just pawns in reality as we know it where our essential ideal to information and expression are being edited. Kids are starving in the roads. The elderly are destitute, frosty and hungry. Things are just going to deteriorate.

The ideal opportunity for talking is over. It is the ideal opportunity for activity. No longer would we be able to choose not to see to uncensored eagerness and defilement. No longer would we be able to manage the cost of the advantage of not focusing on our general surroundings. Our prospects, and our kids fates rely on upon it. We should act now. We should riot, we should take to the web. We should let the forces at be realize this is our reality and will won’t sit inertly by as they oppress and wreck it.

There is no focal administration. There is no enrollment. There is no reason behind our activities. Or maybe, we are a development. A thought.

We are everybody and we are nobody. We are any individual who wishes to resist unfairness. We are the bystander who records police ruthlessness on their telephone. We are the journalist who uncovered a degenerate government official, we are your companion that continually posts activists posts and news stories via web-based networking media, we are the dissidents in the lanes and, yes, once in a while we are the programmers bringing down fear based oppressor sites. We trust that the indigo kids can add incredibly to our development. To help us accomplish a superior world for everybody. Join the cause today. Go to bat for what you know is correct. Stopped sitting by and simply looking as the world is taken from us by the individuals who might do us hurt. Utilize each ability and blessing available to you to battle for equity and a superior life for all.

Watch the video below:

Source: Gostica

Vinny works as a writer throughout the day, but at night he is a vigilante hacker. He has been hired by the unknown leader of an underground group of hackers to join their organization.

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