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3rd Most Senior at Vatican, Australia’s Highest Cardinal Charged With Sex Crimes

Australia’s highest Cardinal, George Pell was just summoned back to Australia from the Vatican to face charges for alleged sex crimes.

While pedophilia naturally comes to mind with the shady track record of the Vatican, the actual crimes are unknown as of yet. Perhaps this is because it is usually covered up, and the state is willing to avoid revealing what his charges are.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald:

“Cardinal George Pell, Australia’s highest ranking Catholic, has been charged with historical sex offences.

Cardinal Pell is the third most senior Catholic at the Vatican, where he is responsible for the church’s finances.

He is likely to step aside from his Vatican post while he fights the charges.

Victoria’s Deputy Police Commissioner, Shane Patton, confirmed in a brief press conference on Thursday morning that Cardinal Pell had been issued with multiple charges relating to historical sexual abuse allegations.”

Victoria, Australia police have confirmed he has been charged on summons over several allegations, set to face Melbourne Magistrates Court on July 18.

A statement of defense was issued by the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney:

“Cardinal Pell will return to Australia, as soon as possible, to clear his name following advice and approval by his doctors who will also advise on his travel arrangements.

He said he is looking forward to his day in court and will defend the charges vigorously. He has again strenuously denied all allegations.”

Victoria’s Deputy Police Commissioner confirmed he was facing multiple serious charges, saying:

“There are multiple complainants relating to those charges. The process and procedures that are being followed in the charging of Cardinal Pell have been the same that have been applied in a whole range of historical sex offences, whenever we investigate them.

Cardinal Pell has been treated the same as anyone else in this investigation.”

This man is like the Federal Reserve chairman of the Catholic Church: an incredibly high level figure, from their admitted hierarchy at least.

Now can people finally admit this sex crime thing extends all the way to the deepest levels of this multi-century old, ridiculously corrupt institution?

On another note, I wonder who is actually daring to charge him.

(Image credit: Wiki, YouTube, SMH)

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