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Another Attack in Brussels: Terror Attacks Will Continue, Our Intuition of False Flags

Yet another Western terror attack has occurred, now in Brussels for the second time in a year and a half. According to CNN:

“A suspect was fatally shot at Brussels Central Station Tuesday after a failed bombing that Belgian authorities are calling a terrorist attack.

A “small explosion” went off in the transportation hub around 8:30 p.m., Belgium Prosecutor’s Office spokesman Eric Van Der Sypt said in a news conference Tuesday.”

The last heavily publicized Brussels terror attack was of course 3/22/2016. According to an Era of Wisdom article titled ““We Need Pan-European FBI to Counter Terror”: Ex-Brussels Region Chief,” it was abused to the fullest by the powers that be as usual. Reading from the article:

“Yesterday on RT, Belgian politician Francois-Xavier de Donnea called for a “pan-European FBI,” a central European authority to deal with the threat of terror. The blatant utilization of this crisis to make political ends meet was made evident by the laughably disproportionate dislike to like ratio on the video.”

Many people have an intuition that several of the heavily publicized and abused terror attacks in recent history are in fact false flags of some sort.

People theorize that some events were real and people actually got hurt, but that politicians and power players took advantage of the tragedies to do such things as lock down the internet and censor it, or disarm people with gun control.

Others believe some terror attacks/mass shootings were real events where people got hurt, but they were orchestrated by government to pursue their agendas: and other people believe that some of the events never actually happened, no one got hurt, and the events were completely orchestrated with actors feeding the media fake info.

And finally, some theorize that the events in fact did happen and people were hurt, but actors were also hired to abuse the events for different agendas, pretending to have witnessed the event or had family members suffer from them.

Even if you believe in none of those theories, one thing is an undeniable fact: the mass shootings and terror attacks that have occurred in the past several years are abused every time by governments and their media, to pursue such agendas as gun control and Internet censorship.

They are abused to the fullest, and honed in on by the media, while mass killings of civilians by the US and their coalition in the Middle East are completely ignored by the media. Inconvenient tragedies are ignored.

So this is my personal intuition about the recent terror attacks in London, and now, this alleged terror attack in Brussels: I don’t know how they are doing each individual attack, or who exactly is orchestrating them at the higher levels, but it would seem they are too convenient for the powers that be, and pointless for everyone else, to be a coincidence.

Something is going on here. Knowing how the US essentially funds ISIS, and every other pattern of behavior exhibited by people in power, it doesn’t seem crazy to theorize that the attacks are being orchestrated.

Once a person knows a little bit more about 9/11, they become wise to false flags. If you want some info on 9/11, here’s a documentary from the Corbett Report.

To take it even further, here’s a series from Corbett titled “9/11 Suspects,” exploring specific figures thought to be involved with the 9/11 conspiracy.

If you’d like more solid and documentable history of “false flag” terror attacks, look no further than Gladio, and Gladio B: the Cold War era, Caucasus Region attacks that the US/NATO were involved with. Here’s a presentation about Gladio.

Whatever your opinion is, it would benefit us to think about this.

(Image credit: YouTube, Blogspot)


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Deneb Verdad is a researcher and writer from North Highlands, California. His topics of interest include mapping out the world's nefarious powerful people and entities, DARPA, technocracy, biological warfare, and others.


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