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All Agro-Chemicals are Killing Bees: Aluminum is Now Giving Bees Dementia

A study published in the journal PLOS ONE proved that not one or two, but essentially every pesticide or fungicide bees are exposed to is a factor in what has been dubbed “Colony Collapse Disorder” (CCD). The “disorder” has a benign, overly complicated term, reminiscent of the phrase “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” (SIDS), which serves to obfuscate the cause of infant death as being a result of vaccination. As with “SIDS,” this term seems to serve the purpose of obfuscation.

In the study, scientists from the University of Maryland and US Department of Agriculture seemed shy to point out that pesticides are killing the bees, but even these establishment academics couldn’t prevent the study from being damning. Since it’s release in 2013, the bees have continued to die, and they are now getting dementia.

The study identified “a witch’s brew of pesticides and fungicides contaminating pollen that bees collect to feed their hives,” according to Quartz. Reading from their article:

“When researchers collected pollen from hives on the east coast pollinating cranberry, watermelon and other crops and fed it to healthy bees, those bees showed a significant decline in their ability to resist infection by a parasite called Nosema ceranae. The parasite has been implicated in Colony Collapse Disorder though scientists took pains to point out that their findings do not directly link the pesticides to CCD.

The pollen was contaminated on average with nine different pesticides and fungicides though scientists discovered 21 agricultural chemicals in one sample. Scientists identified eight ag chemicals associated with increased risk of infection by the parasite.”

Essentially, glyphosate and atrazine aren’t the only things killing the bees: fungicides can poison bees and cause them to get parasites. Every single chemical has an effect, as common sense would tell us.

Another factor the mainstream academics wouldn’t dare mention is aluminum being found in bees, which is giving them dementia.

Where is this aluminum coming from, when free-form aluminum doesn’t exist in the environment naturally at all? Answering this question requires the ability to expand your sense of probability with new information, without the rigidity of an indoctrinated opinion: it’s coming from geoengineering, of course.

Chemtrails: that’s the slang term given to covert geoengineering, aerosolized aluminum and barium sprayed above our heads.

And if you don’t believe chemtrails are currently being sprayed, take into consideration that last week they were openly sprayed over Maryland (made into a colorful spectacle to indoctrinate people into loving them). Take into consideration that Harvard scientists, the ex-CIA director, and countless other high level people are pushing for overt geoengineering.

According to the Mind Unleashed:

“This comes after a United Nations “geoengineering governance initiative” was launched, and the Carnegie Council announced the launch of a “Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative.” This comes after CIA director John Brennan proposed they spray the skies and do “solar radiation management” (SRM) to fight climate change in 2016.

Some powerful forces are pushing very hard for the ability to spray the skies with aluminum, to modify the weather and set a precedent where they can spray anything on us.

This precedent where we can’t identify what is sprayed on us could usher in a new era of chemical or biowarfare against citizens.

As victims of the US’ long history with experimenting on citizens can attest to, this is a serious possibility. Just research the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments, the spraying of San Fransisco in Operation Sea Spray, ect.

The forces pushing for spraying are not a mystery, and they’ve been at work on geoengineering for decades.

They are found at military industrial complex affiliated institutions such as MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Harvard, MITRE Corporation, Raytheon, and others. If you want to know what “the system” is, it’s MIT. They are an academic limb of the military industrial complex.

Half a century of progress toward modifying the weather for military purposes (and to create a global warming false alarm to justify it) coming out of MIT and similiar entities was well documented in Peter A. Kirby’s book “Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project.” Or, you could read his even more recent article on the topic. Or, you could listen to an interview with Peter Kirby about all of this.

However, the truth is geoengineering is obviously already happening in the US and around the world: just look up at the sky. Those giant high altitude “chemtrails” that turn into haze in the sky and persist all day are active geoengineering efforts before they disclose it and take it to an even further level.

So what these people are really trying to do, is normalize geoengineering in the public’s perception.

David Keith is a pawn putting on a show of “experiments” for geoengineering, experiments that seem fairly redundant if you know how far the technology of geoengineering has been developed. Then they can say “we tested it and it’s safe,” and they will spray us much worse than they already are.”

So in conclusion, everything is killing the bees. Factors that mainstream academics would be ostracized for even dare contemplate are killing the bees. Every single chemical has an effect.

(Image credit: Long Island Bee Keepers, Era of Wisdom)

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Deneb Verdad is a researcher and writer from Del Paso Heights, California. His topics of interest include mapping out the world’s nefarious powers and entities, DARPA, technocracy, and others.

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