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Video Shows Cop Murder 17 Yr Old, Teens Beg to Live: “No Please Stop!”

A few days ago, the entire dash cam footage was released showing officer Allan Brown firing 11 rounds into a vehicle, proceeded by another 10 rounds, while 3 teens are heard begging for their lives.

17 year old Christian Redwine was killed and two other teen passengers, Hanna Wuenschel and Hunter Tillis were afflicted with non-fatal gunshot wounds, in November of last year.

Redwine was shot in the head and heart. The cop claimed Redwine tried to run him over, causing him to “fear for his life,” a typical excuse used by killer cops (as they did for example in 2013, when a 16 year old girl was murdered by police who claimed the same thing in Denver, Colorado).

Although these teens were obviously no threat to anyone, and video evidence proves they were the ones being aggressed upon as the cop ignored their pleas to continue living, a Russell County grand jury ruled that the cop committed no crime in the November 6 tragedy.

Watch the video below:  It’s difficult to keep caring and paying attention to each individual murder by police, and it’s arduous and revolting to continue dealing with this issue as an activist to say the least.

I wish something positive could be said, but there isn’t much to say. I think self defense is the right of all people, and people would be well advised to stay far away from the police, empowered to deal with violent threats on their own without calling the cops.

If something positive could possibly be derived from this situation, here’s a philosophical bit that may inspire a solution: an excerpt from an article about self defense titled:

“Why Isn’t the State Scared to Use Force Against Us? Self Defense and the Police”:

“Why is the state unafraid to use force against us?

Why do they think they will never be met with defensive force when they incarcerate people for victimless crimes, seize children from loving parents, or when the police kill an innocent person? Why do they think they can pass laws that infringe on our most basic rights, and trust that police will enforce them?

Because they think people won’t retaliate: because people usually don’t retaliate. This article is not suggesting anyone do anything, but the truth is, the government believes they are impervious to consequence for ordering police to use force against people for peaceful actions they have deemed “criminal.”

Until the police are genuinely scared to enforce unjust laws, they will keep doing it.

Until it is completely impractical for people to take up jobs as police officers, because too many people are defending themselves against them, the state will continue passing laws that are more and more coercive and detrimental to our future.”

(Image credit: the Free Thought Project)

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Deneb Verdad is a researcher and writer from Del Paso Heights, California. His topics of interest include mapping out the world's nefarious powers and entities, DARPA, technocracy, and others.


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