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Undercover Researcher Infiltrates The Deep Web’s Pedophiles: What She Learned

A couple months ago, a woman dubbed “Pam” went undercover in an online community of child molesters as part of an undergraduate research project.

She studied the phrases they use, their ways, and shared her atrocious experience with Cracked. According to their article:

“To infiltrate this stygian pit of awfulness, Pam used the same anonymizing service revered by drug dealers and privacy advocates: Tor. If you don’t pay much attention to Internet-news, Tor is a free service you can use to try and thwart government surveillance of your online communication — basically wiping away your tracks. Ironically, Tor was developed with a lot of government help and is currently used by the military, NSA, and CIA for their own stealth-browsing needs. Like so many times before, the government engineered the means for its own defeat.”

This is a summary of what she learned.

As the Cracked article surprisingly doesn’t forget to mention, Tor was created by the government. It should be no surprise then that it particularly happens to be a center of activity for people committing sex crimes, apparently.

However, nothing is black and white. Legality doesn’t equal morality, plenty of people using the deep web are not doing anything to harm anyone or commit sex crimes, of course. People have also said there is a distinction between the “deep web” and “dark web.”

First of all, the deep web obviously has a thriving community of active pedophiles.

She learned child pornographers have their own sort of “Wikipedia” accessed via Tor, called “hard candy.” One filtration system for people crooked enough to join deeper circles of pedophiles is a discussion forum called 3DBoys, full of erotic “art” but no actual criminal porn.

There is a site called 7axxn, a major thing for child pornographers. Its membership is very strict: apparently the only way to get into it was by invitation from a current member, whose trust could only be gained by breaking the law, incriminating themselves.

Somehow Pam managed to get in when someone invited her on the third day of her trying. The further she got into investigating, the more terrifying it became.

The second thing she learned was there is a distinction between “child lovers” and “child molesters.”

7axxn has over 90,000 registered users: it stores a massive volume of child pornography. Most users are there for the illegal images and videos, but there is also a major discussion forum. They conduct polls, evaluating the popularity of certain genres of child pornography, such as “Hurtcore,” which is actually a word for the violent abuse of children.

There are people on the site who actually abuse children by force, and there are people who say they have “mutual” relationships with children, as if it could possibly be consented to.

This is something that a person who prefers to have.. “non mutual relationships” with children said:

“i get hard seeing teen girls crying and being violated and raped, enjoy those murder porn scenes too. Just look at some BDSM sites, you can actually re-enact a ‘consensual’ rape scene with a stranger and all that kinds of stuff, its not really that uncommon. Not that i would actually hurt someone if they didn’t want to be hurt or anything, besides once you do hurt someone or rape someone, usually you lose your hard on pretty quickly facing the consequences lol. I actually share this stuff with people in general conversation with a smile on my face, they just laugh, Lol. Not sure if they think I am joking.”

So what can you really learn from this? Pedophiles, sexual predators, they are much more prevalent than you might expect. Certain details from this story can be used to understand warning signs of if a person is one: they might joke about it inappropriately or flaunt it and find humor in that. That seems to be something that psychopaths enjoy doing.

The phrases uttered in John Podesta’s Wikileaks emails are very similar to the ones used by pedophiles in “Pam”‘s investigation (pizza, walnuts, ect). There is a characteristic similarity that should raise eyebrows for any person who has heard of what became known as “Pizzagate.”

High level pedophilia and sexual crime in circles of power is particularly prevalent it seems, and this understanding seems to be exploding out to the masses lately.

Recently, #3 at the Vatican Cardinal George Pell of Australia was charged with sex crimes.

Hopefully this is just the beginning of a genuine awakening to the victims we fail to see all around us.

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Deneb Verdad is a researcher and writer from North Highlands, California. His topics of interest include mapping out the world’s nefarious powerful people and entities, DARPA, technocracy, biological warfare, and others.


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