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Czech Republic Tells Citizens to Buy Guns For Self Defense: Europe’s Refuge for Arms

Terror is being manufactured, and the events are being heavily promoted by the media. A primary purpose of it is to disarm civilians. From Sandy Hook to the recent terror attacks in the UK, the government’s strategic actions after each event clearly illustrate their agenda: disarm everyone.

Whether you believe an event is a false flag, or a genuine event used in the spur of the moment for this agenda, this is what it boils down to: armed people are an antidote to tyranny. Whether a fool or a coherent sounding person says this, it’s still true.

Understanding this, people need to know where it is still legal to own guns and exercise self defense. Europe has some of the most stringent gun laws of any continent, and it’s getting worse: but there are a few areas that haven’t been disarmed or heavily regulated.

A few months ago, the Czech president actually told citizens to arm themselves and fight terror with self defense. To be fair, he was not revealing any kind of truth or going against the agenda because he was hyping the terrorism threat and fear-mongering about some imminent disaster, but it goes to show that the Czech culture is not susceptible to accepting gun laws.

As all countries are coerced into going along with the agenda, they are facing opposition for allowing citizens this freedom. According to Quartz:

“The Czech Republic has some of the more lenient gun laws in the European Union. Now its interior ministry wants to give gun owners even more freedom, by pushing a constitutional law that would allow them to use their weapons against terrorists in the event of an attack.

Czechs can already obtain guns pretty easily—they must pass a test on gun knowledge, prove that they are over 21, and have no criminal record—and use them to defend themselves and their property. More than 300,000 Czech citizens are licensed to own a gun, and there are more than 800,000 firearms registered in the country of 10.5 million. The proposed law would allow Czechs to shoot those guns in defense of the state during a terrorist attack, according to the English-language Radio Praha.”

The Czech Republic is home to one of the most heavily armed civilian populations in Europe. While the Czech government still plays along with the UN, “New World Order”-type agenda, they currently have a major upper hand against tyranny with their culture of self defense and gun ownership.

Thinking from a strategic standpoint, as free people trying to preserve our right to be free amidst a global paradigm of governments wielding overwhelming force, a culture of self defense, or a culture of bearing arms is our best friend. Similar to how the US has a pro-self defense, pro-gun culture, in many cases one of the only redeeming qualities of American culture today, just a few countries in Europe currently have the same type of culture.

What keeps the state from doing whatever they want to anyone? Defensive force. There is no way around the equation: without the ability to use defensive force against government, they will eventually force people to do worse and worse things.

It gets worse for citizens until some boiling point is reached, any time such a power differential is placed between the ruling class and what the call the “bottom” class.

In conclusion, this concept was well summarized by the Mind Unleashed in an article titled “Why Isn’t the State Scared to Use Force Against Us? Self Defense and the Police”:

“Why is the state unafraid to use force against us?

Why do they think they will never be met with defensive force when they incarcerate people for victimless crimes, seize children from loving parents, or when the police kill an innocent person? Why do they think they can pass laws that infringe on our most basic rights, and trust that police will enforce them?

Because they think people won’t retaliate: because people usually don’t retaliate. This article is not suggesting anyone do anything, but the truth is, the government believes they are impervious to consequence for ordering police to use force against people for peaceful actions they have deemed “criminal.”

If an ordinary person threatened to lock you in a cage for possessing cannabis for example, what would you do? You’d probably flee the scene or defend yourself with force. If you were in a place like Texas, you might shoot them in self defense.

Speaking from personal experience, Texas is relatively safe when it comes to robberies and crime because most people there practice self defense. However, the police will shoot you quickly in Texas: cops can be incredibly aggressive there.

So what makes aggression initiated by the police different?

Nothing. We don’t defend ourselves with force when police arrest us because if we did, they’d crush us with overwhelming force. Unlimited resources and equipment, money endowed from the state: overwhelming force and unlimited funds. That is the glue that holds together the power, and defends the hegemony of the wealthy class.

If you disarm a cop and run, or shoot a cop in self defense, you’re probably going to be completely crushed by the state, incarcerated for years or for life, or be killed instantly unless you get away.

But reality is grim for people of our class. This societal equation is undeniably true, and it is a pattern that has repeated throughout history: the state will make laws that remove our basic rights until we use force against them in self defense. If a people are disarmed, the situation becomes infinitely worse.

Documentaries have been made about what can happen to a disarmed population.

Until the police are genuinely scared to enforce unjust laws, they will keep doing it.

Until it is completely impractical for people to take up jobs as police officers, because too many people are defending themselves against them, the state will continue passing laws that are more and more coercive and detrimental to our future.”

So here’s some appreciation, Czech Republic. Hopefully you will harbor a culture of freedom and self defense for a long time to come: the world desperately needs it, particularly Europe, in the grip of media manufactured terror that is used as justification to disarm Britain and the rest of Europe.

(Image credit: Guns and Ammo)

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Deneb Verdad is a researcher and writer from North Highlands, California. His topics of interest include mapping out the world's nefarious powerful people and entities, DARPA, technocracy, biological warfare, and others.


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