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Father Publicly Exposes Pedophile Who Tried to Prey on 11 Year Old Daughter (Photos)

A father with a watchful eye named Wil Atteberry (according to his Facebook) publicly shamed a pedophile who tried to lure his 11 year old daughter into a trap. The post is currently at 445,000 shares, with 28,000 comments.

The offender messaged Atteberry’s daughter on Facebook, repeatedly saying “HI HI HI.” His daughter knew better than to respond to a creepy stranger, and apparently alerted her dad.

So her dad took matters into his own hands and made the pedophile incriminate himself. He replied pretending to be his daughter, and the man tried to make sexual advances to her knowing she is 11.

Atteberry captioned the screenshots of the conversation, eviscerating the pedophile on Facebook:

“Was going through my daughters phone and came across a message request from donald paninski on fb messenger. She had not answered him because she knows she is not allowed to converse with unknowns unless i approve. So i messaged him from her account. Please help me make this guy famous so that he will not be able to target another child.

In the comments of his post, people identified the pedophile and he is surely being exposed to thousands of people right now. Maybe he will face charges if this goes viral: please share this with as many people as possible.

The screenshots of the conversation are as follows:

(Image credit: Wil Atteberry, YabaLeft)

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