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Inmates Must Receive Vasectomies, Contraceptive Implants or Serve Full Sentence

For a mere 30 days off a person’s county jail sentence, inmates in Tennessee are being coerced into vasectomies for males, and 4 year long contraceptive implants for females (Nexplanon), the implant women receive under the skin of their arm known for a litany of detrimental side effects.

Judge Sam Benningfield signed off on the program in White County, claiming the prisoners could be “successful” and avoid being “burdened with children.” He claimed “this gives them a chance to get on their feet and make something of themselves,” as if creating a family is not making something of yourself.

According to Reuters via Yahoo News:

“Thirty-two women have received the birth control implant so far and 38 men were awaiting a vasectomy, according to News Channel 5.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee denounced what it called a “so-called choice” between jail time and “coerced” contraception or sterilization.”

This obviously strikes a nerve with people who understand recent history because 60,000+ people were coercively sterilized in the United States within a few decades in the early 20th Century. Prestigious California academics in particular were influenced by Indiana, and East Coast eugenics espousing academics, and so thousands of poor or non-white people were sterilized.

Luckily this small, local instance of offering benefits to people who don’t reproduce is already causing significant outrage. To hammer it in further, here is some more perspective.

Some of the world’s largest pharma corporations today find origin in eugenics, or biological warfare in the case of Merck.

Eugenics researchers such as Edwin Black have thoroughly exposed the ties between American and Nazi eugenicists.

And prisoners today are subject to not only coercive sterilization but involuntary treatment with sanity destroying, dangerous psychiatric drugs, to the point where many commit suicide.

Though there are many ways to summarize the eugenics movement of the early 20th Century in the US, let’s take it from an academy c paper at Trinity College titled “Reproductive Rights and State Institutions: TheForced Sterilization of Minority Women in the United States”:

Throughout the 1900s, eugenics programs emerged in various countries as a way to rid societies of undesirable individuals. The ultimate goal of these programs was to craft the perfect citizen and thus to create the perfect nation.

Scientists compiled research, conducted experiments in laboratories, and stored information about average citizens to learn about the ideal traits of an ordinary person.

Using this information, they collaborated with political organizations and social associations to advance the eugenics movement. With the information discovered in these laboratories, local groups published and distributed newsletters and journals detailing race pseudoscience and the eugenics movement; they then educated citizens and youth on this material through propaganda and municipal events.

Through a combination of propaganda, organizations, and social experiments, these eugenics programs targeted Jewish, Italian, and other immigrants; these minorities were moved from crowded cities and subjected to deportation, confinement, and/or forced sterilization.

The programs initially targeted immigrants, people of color, mentally or physically handicapped individuals, impoverished citizens, and anyone else who was considered a minority; eventually, the program spread to include women who were considered promiscuous, “oversexed”, or “sexually wayward”.

Ultimately, the eugenics campaign sought to rid the country of the unfit population in 10% increments.”

So as our culture continues to decline and slip into a bottomless pit of tyranny, with the same characteristic flavor as the 20th Century totalitarian regimes, here’s one more symptom: the resurfacing of coercive sterilization and open population control.

Then again, population control never stopped, it just slowed down and became a lot more insidious after World War II.

Either way, we’re slipping straight back into totalitarianism, and with how inconceivably centralized power has become, and how far technology has advanced, humanity may never emerge from this descent into tyranny.

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Deneb Verdad is a researcher and writer from Del Paso Heights, California. His topics of interest include mapping out the world’s nefarious powers and entities, DARPA, technocracy, and others.

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