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Journalist Who Spent 10 Months In ISIS Captivity Reveals What Jihadists Really Want

A French journalist named Nicolas Hénin was an ISIS hostage for 10 months in Syria, chained in underground cells alongside two journalists who were later beheaded, Steven Sotloff and James Foley.

Now he is speaking about his experience, and finally a person who witnessed this type of atrocity is speaking the truth about the US’ role in creating ISIS, and how the US and ISIS benefit from each other.

He described how he believes welcoming refugees and truly helping the people of Syria instead of indiscriminately killing them with drone strikes would be a more effective strategy against ISIS for the US. He explained that the jihadists want the US to kill innocent people to justify their terror, and how the dogma of ISIS can be defeated.

According to official UNHCR figures, over 1 million migrants and refugees reached Europe in 2015 by sea. In 2017, many Western countries are closing their borders to refugees, blaming Muslims for terror attacks while they disarm their own citizens and sell weapons to countries that arm ISIS.

Nicolas Hénin noted:

“Welcoming refugees is not a terror threat to our countries; it’s like a vaccine to protect us from terrorism, because the more interactions we have between societies, between communities, the less there will be tensions. The Islamic State believes in a global confrontation. What they want eventually is civil war in our countries, or at least large unrest, and in the Middle East, a large-scale war. This is what they look for. This is what they struggle for. So we have to kill their narrative and actually to welcome refugees, totally destroy their narrative.”

When Obama was in office, he massacred civilians in nearly every Middle Eastern country without a word from most people. Now Trump is in office, and he’s doing the exact same but much worse, and most people still don’t give a damn, preferring to attack Trump over trivial scandals and non-issues.

Terror attacks in Europe were a prime component of the agenda many of these countries are pushing. From Belgium, to the 2017 UK terror attacks, to Paris, these attacks benefited the state enormously at every turn. Some of course theorize about certain events being false flags, and if you know about openly disclosed programs of false flag terror such as Gladio B, you’d know this is a serious possibility.

In any case, for each terror attack in Europe or mass shooting in America that is used as justification to close borders to Muslims or others, people must not forget to add perspective. The perspective of having lived in many different places, or understanding the cultural differences in certain places proves that a disarmed population is a completely vulnerable one.

The culture I’m speaking of can be found in Texas. In Texas, even in the bad neighborhoods of South Park, Houston, or South San Antonio, people are very hesitant to do home invasions or initiate force against people. People are well armed, and it really does make things safer. Drugs and parasitic habits of people forced into poverty turn the potential for violence up: but being safely armed and living in a culture of self defense turns down the potential for violence.

A terror attack can happen in the UK because few have guns. It really is that simple.

To put it further in perspective, it’s often noted in the alternative media that on multiple occasions, the US has killed a mass of civilians at once in countries from Pakistan to Yemen: dozens if not hundreds of innocent people murdered at once in unspeakably violent and catastrophic events. So on multiple occasions, the US does a million times worse than any “terror attack” in the US or Europe.

I think what Nicolas Hénin is saying, is that young men are led into the “ISIS lifestyle” by the fact that the US and its coalition killed innocent people in their presence. Many of these young men are without family members because of the war, and if the US really wanted to stop ISIS, they’d stop indiscriminately killing innocent people and naturally making the family of victims want to seek revenge.

Nicolas Hénin said:

“Airstrikes in Syria, the way they are done, are a mistake… All of these bombings have a terrible side effect. And basically, we—Westerners, but not only Westerners, also the Russians, also the regime—are pushing the Syrian people into the hands of ISIS. We are working for them. We are recruiting for them.”

Dave Chappelle knows a little about this:

Here’s something you might not know: ISIS wants you to hate Muslims.

ISIS wanted the US and Europe to hate Muslims after the attacks, and persecute their own innocent Muslim citizens, because it fuels their fire and ability to recruit young men whose family members were the victims of the US.

In a piece for the Guardian, Hénin explained:

“With their news and social media interest, they will be noting everything that follows their murderous assault on Paris, and my guess is that right now the chant among them will be “We are winning”. They will be heartened by every sign of overreaction, of division, of fear, of racism, of xenophobia; they will be drawn to any examples of ugliness on social media.

“Central to their world view is the belief that communities cannot live together with Muslims, and every day their antennae will be tuned towards finding supporting evidence. The pictures from Germany of people welcoming migrants will have been particularly troubling to them. Cohesion, tolerance – it is not what they want to see.

“Canada withdrew from the air war after the election of Justin Trudeau. I desperately want France to do the same, and rationality tells me it could happen. But pragmatism tells me it won’t. The fact is we are trapped: ISIS has trapped us. They came to Paris with Kalashnikovs, claiming that they wanted to stop the bombing, but knowing all too well that the attack would force us to keep bombing or even to intensify these counterproductive attacks. That is what is happening.”

In a column for International Business Times, Hénin made this statement:

“Let’s start by asking ourselves, what does our enemy want us to do? What reaction would make them happy? The answer is that the Paris attacks were committed because ISIS wants to see us kill Muslims. They want to provoke military escalation in Syria. They want to provoke unrest. They want to provoke confrontations with Muslims from the Western world.

ISIS believes that Muslims have no place in a Western society, and that the two worlds can’t coexist. All of their propaganda – based on a corrupted restoration of the ‘Muslim pride’ – is actually a scam: ISIS wants the West to kill Muslims to justify their war.

ISIS is a terrorist group and we can’t reproach them and expect them to shift ideals and act as we do. They can only act by their very definition – to terrorize. They do this to become a part of our political agenda. To make us forget what is fair or moral. To make us have eyes only for them. Enthralled by their terror campaign, we ultimately act against our own interests, against all logic.”

In conclusion, ISIS paves the way for the US/NATO’s operations in the Middle East and elsewhere. Without their terror attacks, real or fake, false flag or not, they wouldn’t be able to lock down citizens, disarm them, and make our conditions worse while doing exponentially more horrifying things to people we don’t even hear about in places like Yemen.

They do worse than ISIS all the time: period. The US/NATO needs ISIS, and ISIS needs them.

(Image credit: Business Insider)

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Deneb Verdad is a researcher and writer from Del Paso Heights, California. His topics of interest include mapping out the world’s nefarious powers and entities, DARPA, technocracy, and others.

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