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Online Gaming Trend is Forcing Teenagers to Commit Suicide: 100+ Victims

Sure to cause a sinking feeling in the chest of any person unfortunate enough to learn about it, a sort of sadistic scam was created that has caused literally dozens of teenagers to commit suicide, increasing by the day.

It is said that over 100 people have committed suicide.

On social media sites mostly in Russia (spreading to nearby countries Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan), a “game” is being offered to young teenagers who, if they agree to play, are coerced into actually killing themselves.

They are asked “are you sure you want to play?”, and if they agree, they are told at the end of the game they must kill themselves or someone will come and kill them.

Now it has appeared in India. According to MSN:

There have been a rash of Blue Whale cases in India in the past few weeks and at least five deaths have been linked to it. The challenge originated in Russia three years ago and has since been blamed for over 100 suicides across the world.

It appears the “game” has spread further, and headlines are frequently being made about it. An article from today bears the headline “Blue Whale challenge: Two teenagers try to kill themselves.”

More headlines read: “Blue Whale challenge: Jodhpur girl rescued on Monday tries to kill self again“

“Blue Whale challenge: Deadly game claims another life, this time in Pondicherry University; schools“

The game goes by a few names: Siniy Kit (translates to blue whale), Tikhiy Dom (a quiet/silent house), more kitov (a sea/a bunch of whales), and a few others according to reports.

But what is the factor that makes this “game” work? How can someone actually be threatened into suicide if the threat is death as is?

Self defense, bearing arms, and having a strong community of people ready to defend each other is the antidote to such a situation.

According to a recent victim of Blue Whale:

It is not an app or a game to be downloaded. It is just a link customised for individuals playing the game by the Blue Whale admin.

The tasks given by the admin are to be completed only after 2 am every day. The first few days went into posting personal details and photographs, which were collected by the Blue Whale admin.

I went to the Akkaraivattam graveyard around midnight, took a selfie and posted it online. Every day I had to watch horror movies alone, as the idea was to make victims shun fear.

Although it is still going on, a few months ago the Blue Whale administrator was arrested in Moscow, Russia: 26 year old Ilya Sidorov.

(Image credit: News)

According to

The girl had been taken to hospital with cut wounds from an attempted suicide. Previous tasks he had allegedly set her included outlining a blue whale on her arm and inflicting self-harm.

Sidorov allegedly broke down under interrogation, admitting to ‘administrating’ a broader online ‘Blue Whale’ challenge.

Sidorov has since been detained and extradited to Chelyabinsk in the Urals where he faces charges relating to inciting the schoolgirl’s death.

The antidote to such evil and coercion is strength laced with a positive attitude: the ability to defend oneself with as much force as necessary. No person should be left defenseless: everyone has a right to self defense.

I doubt Blue Whale would survive in Texas.

(Image credit: Ebay, A.A Vipir)

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Deneb Verdad is a researcher and writer from Del Paso Heights, California. His topics of interest include mapping out the world's nefarious powers and entities, DARPA, technocracy, and others.


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