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This is What Would Happen If US Was Nuked

Ever wonder what would happen if the U.S. was nuked?

[HQ] While there are numerous factors to take into consideration in the event of a nuclear war on U.S. soil, we’ve done our best to answer some of the most commonly asked questions, in the simplest and most understandable of terms.

Which Areas Would be Hit, and How Far Would the Fallout Reach?

On the topic of which regions of the U.S. would be hit; part of it is left up to guess work, as we are unable to fully predict the aggressing nation’s tactics, but then much of it is also based on logic. For example, any nation that strikes the U.S. will want to disable their nukes, so we can easily surmise that areas such as North Dakota would be obliterated.

Active nuclear energy plants would also make good targets, as the added nuclear energy from the reactors would maximize destruction. And then of course, there are the major government facilities that would be targeted, at least, those that are known of – unfortunately, it’s safe to assume an aggressing nation’s intelligence would have a better idea of the U.S. government’s “soft spots” than the average American citizen.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, however, let’s go with what we know; what kind of targets would the U.S. go for? In the case of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, numerous military personnel, politicians, and now historians claim that the first bomb was dropped to prove it could be done, and the second bomb was dropped to display the United States’ strength to Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union, who was originally aligned with the U.S. and Britain during WWII, but who the U.S. knew would become a problem once the war was over, (Foner, 2014, p. 887-949).

While we are aware there are numerous citizens who, to this day, refuse to believe any other version of events than the original government narrative, the point is, we can’t use the cases of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as an accurate indicator of the type of targets the U.S. would choose. Fortunately though, we do have a detailed list of targets the U.S. created in 1956 – in the event of war with the Soviet Union – that was released through the National Archives and Records Administration. The list includes major cities for “systematic destruction,” including areas that contain “Agricultural Equipment” and “Transformers, Heavy.” Most horridly though, was a target simply titled “Population.”

Yep. The almighty, all wise, glorious, wholesome and righteous, baseball-loving, apple pie-eating, land of the free, and home of the brave, planned to target large populations of innocent civilians, and it’s with that in mind we can surmise that largely populated areas would be potential targets here in the States, as well.

Provided below are two maps created by FEMA, the first of which is from 1990, and shows the presumed targets the Soviets would have hit in the event of a nuclear attack. “Fallout,” according to the University of Notre Dame, is described as the mixture of earth and/or water that has entered the rising fireball caused from the detonation of a nuclear bomb near the Earth’s surface. This mixes with the radioactive debris of the explosion at an early stage, and is then blown into the troposphere and lower stratosphere, creating fallout. The most lethal fallout is indicated by the darkest coloration, while the lesser lethal fallout is indicated with yellow:

In this map, FEMA shows a sample fallout pattern we could expect in a nuclear attack:

How Long Would the Fallout Last?

After being blown into the troposphere and lower stratosphere, “the material is then re-distributed over polar (3-12 months) or equatorial regions (8-24 months). Fall-out removal times (defined in terms of half-life) ranges from 10 to 24 months depending upon seasonal conditions, most rapid during spring, slow in summer,” again, this is according to the University of Notre Dame, (source above).

Where Would Government Officials and the “Elite” Go in the Event of a Nuclear Attack?

We found through Public Intelligence (a research project that archives government documents and public information), that in cases of national emergencies, the “highest level civilian and military officials,” are sent to Mount Weather in Virginia, which is also the location of FEMA’s National Emergency Coordinating Center. Under the “Continuity of Government,” and the “Continuity of Operations Plan” (COOP), these individuals are kept in one of two underground locations at the facility to basically wait out the catastrophe and take over, should the government be annihilated.

While the Public Intelligence’s source states that the “unknown individuals” serve in rotations, and have since 9/11, other sources say that among those who are evacuated to the location are congressional leaders, as was the case with September 11th. The existence of Mount Weather and the purpose it serves was confirmed by the Federation of American Scientists, an organization first founded under the Manhattan Project to develop the atomic bombs, who states the President, the Cabinet, and Supreme Court are provided private sleeping quarters at the facility.

How Likely is the U.S. to get Nuked?

For a while, North Korea was considered the main threat, and in fact, while many mainstream media outlets try to downplay North Korea’s nuclear power with arguments that it’s primitive and their missiles would not be able to reach U.S. mainland, others claim the media is underestimating the threat.

In other news, shtfplan reports:

Considering that Russia is closely allied with Syrian President Assad, has a direct interest in maintaining control of Ukraine’s former Crimea region, and its ties to Iran, ignoring the possibility of a global war in coming years could be a devastating oversight.

We are, in fact, at war right now. But just as was the case from the 1960’s through the end of the 1980’s, it is a “cold war.” There have been no direct troop engagements that we know of between the Russians and the United States. But look to cyber space and it should be clear that there is a battle taking place on a daily basis. Moreover, as we’ve previously reported, nuclear war may well be on the horizon, because the confrontations taking place on the geo-political stage are no longer just talk.

Action has already been taken by both sides:

Putin and the Russian people believe the U.S.’s actions are going to lead to a nuclear conflict initiated by the United States.  The leadership of the U.S. is made up of politicians who began their careers as Marxist-Socialists.  Traitors now have their fingers on the triggers of the nuclear warheads, aided by “yes-men” of the general staffs who will not remember their oaths to the Constitution of the United States and the American people.  They will ignore that these charges take precedence above any orders given by a petty, dope-smoking, Marxist community organizer of dubious citizenship who was “emplaced” into office to destroy the country.

Instead of statesmen and diplomats, we now have self-interested, politically-motivated belligerents backing Russia and other nations into corners and pushing them toward war.  How long the war of words will be continued is unknown; however, when the missiles begin to fly you can be certain of something.  You can rest assured that the men who spoke those words will be in bunkers and other safe places and out of harm’s way…paid for by the American taxpayer.

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