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Robert De Niro Was a Client of Prostitution Ring With Underage Girls, But There’s More

Hollywood, French Officials Caught in Sex Crimes: Nobody Listened

Almost 20 years ago, a sex scandal involving Robert De Niro, Arabian princes, French government officials, and a famous tennis player named Wojtek Fibak was exposed. However, it did not erupt in the media, and most people probably didn’t hear about it.

6 people were charged with running an international prostitution ring, in which an “agency” fooled impressionable teenage girls into selling their bodies, promising that they would be given careers as actresses or models. They would really be turned into call girls, “entertaining” wealthy people.

The girls were sometimes as young as 15, and as these things usually go, it is probably much worse than has been reported.

At the time, the Internet wasn’t very active: it didn’t spark much outrage among regular people, and apparently people did not believe high level pedophilia or sex crimes were a systemic issue.

The issue is absolutely systemic: this is the way of Hollywood, and the way of power.

Arab princes, French officials, Hollywood actors and others were listed as clients of this prostitution ring. According to a 1998 article from the Independent titled “The sex scandal that wouldn’t lie down”:

The case uncovers the brutal methods used to snare young women – some as young as 15 – into a call-girl agency specializing in wealthy, high- profile clients. It also exposes attempts by the French government machine to block an investigation which might embarrass senior politicians and damage French interests abroad.

At one point, according to the report of the investigating judge, the agency became a kind of approved dealer in girls, operating with the connivance, if not the blessing, of the French foreign ministry and French secret services. By steering Middle East arms clients towards girls from a known, and closely watched, agency, there was thought to be a reduced risk of blackmail, or the leaking of secret negotiations.

Leaks from the French investigation last year suggested that the agency once brokered a $1m (pounds 625,000) deal for an Arab prince to spend a night with a Hollywood actress. The woman named by French magazines at the time has adamantly denied the story. The allegation does not form part of the final judicial report.

The scandal even involves arms trafficking in the Middle East. The prostitution agency operated with the “connivance, if not the blessing” of the French secret services and foreign ministries.

French officials brought Middle Eastern arms dealers they were in partnership with toward call girls from a “known and closely watched agency.”

Some strange money laundering or other criminal activities were clearly going on between the French government and Arab powers. Leaked info from the French investigation suggested that the prostitution agency made a $1 million deal for an Arab prince to sleep with a Hollywood actress: is sex really worth that much?

A few years ago, a Saudi Prince was caught violently raping a woman in Beverly Hills, California, after she ran out a building bloody and bruised. According to an article from the Free Thought Project titled “US Allows Saudi Prince to Flee After Allegedly Assaulting 3 Women in Beverly Hills Mansion for Days:”

Arrested on suspicion of false imprisonment, sexual assault and battery, a Saudi prince has also recently been accused of attacking at least three women and holding them captive for several days. Immediately upon posting bail, the prince reportedly emptied his $37 million mansion and fled the country on a private jet to avoid civil litigation and criminal charges.

Police officers arrested Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud at his Beverly Glen mansion on Wednesday after his neighbors reported seeing a woman covered in blood screaming for help while attempting to climb over the 8ft wall surrounding the prince’s property.

This type of scandal is not anomalous, but the norm. It is much worse than we know, and this type of thing surely continues today.

Sources: independent, irishtimes


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