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3 Ways The System Stole Our Identity: Our Culture Was Completely Engineered

Culture often originates from power, not organically in the 21st Century

Cultures, moral codes, and ways of living used to evolve and change in a way that is much different from how they form today.

It would take decades, centuries for cultures and ways of living unique to geographical areas to develop. People’s culture was influenced by practicality, circumstances that remained consistent for possibly hundreds of years.

For example, people would eat a certain type of dish in an area because that was their primary food source. They built their cultures themselves from the bottom up, and made their own ways of living.

Today, we’re kind of buzzing in an infinite static maze of possibilities, not bound by practicality or necessity to create our cultures and ways of doing things, but whatever we happen to fixate on or find that we like (not that people’s creation of culture should be bound to practicality only). People become overwhelmed and select a kind of archetype of person they like, and emulate that archetype: they don’t create their own new culture very often.

In other words, people grow up now, and they don’t know what to be. They are likely to search for an identity or a culture, ways of doing things and thinking, and latch onto some mainstream archetypal way of being because that’s the culture they saw first.

Pop music and archetypal identities

So how do social engineers, the people steering the direction of society at the top really influence us? They use media to create archetypes, types of cultures and people with characteristics they wish to breed into us.

They want a society full of superficial, consumeristic people who can’t see the full picture of who rules us? Create a lot of Nicki Minaj type people and elevate them to fame. Use media to support them. Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, those are people just in the field of pop music who make a living off of being figureheads for social engineering.

If you don’t see this and know it to be true, no amount of evidence will probably convince you. People need a thirst for this knowledge, a desire to understand why things don’t feel right, an inherent dissatisfaction with the lie and nagging feeling that something is wrong to find the truth of this matter.

The evidence of a conspiracy between pop stars and high level social engineers who shape the trajectory of society is not easy to present or acquire: but through strong anecdotal evidence, intuition, and the observation of how the figureheads influence people to be exactly how power players would want them, we can see this is true.

Lyor Cohen, the “Tall Israeli” record executive known for putting out artists who engineer culture is one easy to recognize example of higher powers connected to pop stars. He’s behind the Migos and Young Thug, engineering the superficial culture into rap: people have reason to suspect he’s tapped into more powerful people who seek to engineer that culture into people through his artists.

Public School

Social engineering through music is only the icing on the cake: kids who find an identity in that culture are listening to the most popular music in public school where they pick up on it at an early age. Public school is a melting pot of indoctrination, popular engineered archetypes and ways of being.

Government control of schools is probably the single most significant factor to creating this herd of docile workers. It has been the intention of certain people behind public school to create a herd of docile workers since it’s inception, which is often traced back to Prussia. According to Forced School:

“That system was characterized by compulsory attendance, teacher colleges, standardized national tests, national age-graded curriculum, compulsory kindergarten, the fragmenting of concepts into separate subjects with fixed periods of study, and the state ultimately asserting a superior claim to the child over the rights of the parents. This was a radical departure in methodology and content from the successful traditional forms of education in America.”

In The Underground History of American Education, Educator John Taylor Gatto describes the atmosphere of Prussia in that time:

“The Prussian mind, which carried the day, held a clear idea of what centralized schooling should deliver: 1) Obedient soldiers to the army; 2) Obedient workers for mines, factories, and farms; 3) Well-subordinated civil servants, trained in their function; 4) Well-subordinated clerks for industry; 5) Citizens who thought alike on most issues; 6) National uniformity in thought, word, and deed.

The area of individual volition for commoners was severely foreclosed by Prussian psychological training procedures drawn from the experience of animal husbandry and equestrian training, and also taken from past military experience.”

Public school received a lot of support in the beginning because powerful industrialists and oligarchs gave support to it. It’s not much different today: a real beginning of programming for most people starts in public school, made mandatory with the force of the law in many places.

One solution that seems impractical for people in poverty, but supremely effective, would be to create our own independent schools and universities. This certainly seems like an ideal goal for free thinkers to pursue in the long-term.

The illusion of law and morality

It’s probably not news to someone reading this that legality does not equal morality. However in the paradigm young minds find themselves in, in public school and the media they consume, the state is constantly reinforced as some kind of supreme father figure. Younger, more boxed in people now often have no idea this is wrong.

While conflating morality with legality seems to be happening less often in the US as people become more weary of the government not doing anything good for citizens in several decades, it’s still a huge problem. Entire generations are being raised with these old, tired falsehoods that were debunked years ago with no one paying enough attention to notice.

The bottom line is, people are being programmed to see the state as a father or mother figure, and the law to be a supreme authority that is morality itself, and that people should not consider the morality or immortality of such a thing because “it’s the law.” But it goes so much deeper than that.

Methods of instilling unconditional respect for authority into people have become more creative over the years, and today young people are told censorship, being disarmed, and other abominable acquisitions of state power are necessary to make society a nice place to live.

More creative and insidious methods of instilling submissiveness to authority in young people are likely to develop in the coming years.

People who think they have come a little ways in waking up don’t always go all the way and recognize an inherent illegitimacy in legal authority. Sometimes people think the law is okay to use against people, and that other times it isn’t okay: it’s still giving power to the same force that kills hoards of civilians in the Middle East, colludes with corporations to steal our freedom, is supported by a media structure that poisons the culture of our children, ect.

In conclusion, every single aspect of the “mainstream culture” you’ll find in the US and many western countries is a lie.

So much of what has become our culture was completely engineered to specifically make us a certain way. We’re just like cattle until we build our own cultures, live life our own unique ways we create ourselves, and build resilience to the coercive influence of media, governmental, and institutional power.

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Deneb Verdad is a researcher and writer from North Highlands, California. His topics of interest include mapping out the world’s nefarious powerful people and entities, DARPA, technocracy, biological warfare, and others.


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