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Watch: Car Nearly Smashes into Trump’s Motorcade, Crashes Through Woods

A few days ago, headlines were made about a car with malfunctioning brakes almost crashing into Donald Trump and his motorcade.

A white car was filmed crashing through a small forest in Springfield Missouri, to emerge onto a street at the exact same time Trump’s motorcade was passing by.

According to the Independent:

“The car can be seen emerging from the trees before slamming into a drainage ditch, and coming to a stop moments later. But, contrary to speculation on social media, the car had no intention of injuring the US President, and had instead encountered brake issues.”

The odds of this happening are greatly unlikely. While nothing really happened, it’s kind of strange that this made headlines. For those who believe the US government’s policies will change if Trump were to be assassinated or something like that, consider this: a president Pence would be just as bad. If something happened to him, president Paul Ryan wouldn’t be anything different.

From an Agorist perspective, no president should be in power. From a realist perspective, the same policies would be implemented under Trump, Pence, Obama, Bush, or any other figurehead with the way this system currently works.

(Image credit: Newslocker)

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Deneb Verdad is a researcher and writer from Del Paso Heights, California. His topics of interest include mapping out the world's nefarious powers and entities, DARPA, technocracy, and others.


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