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Woman Smears Menstrual Blood On Face To Fight Against Period-Shaming

26-year-old Demetra Nyx, from California, recently went viral on Instagram by smearing her own menstrual blood on her face. Nyx says that she posted these photos to break the stigma against women’s periods. Nyx believes that society makes women feel shame for this natural process in their body, and she wanted to do something extreme to show that there is no shame.

In one post on Instagram, Nyx said, “Happy New Moon in Aries + my first house – I’ve created a free 7-day video series about working with our menstrual cycles (long overdue, too!) that I will start sharing tomorrow – Yes, that is my blood on my face”

In another post, Nyx had blood smeared on her leg spelling out “shameless,” with the caption:

I used to spend my time worrying about what other people thought of me.
I used to keep lists as a 12-year-old: what are all the ways in which I could be more attractive? What are all the ways in which I could make that person like me?

How could I make my body more acceptable?

How could I hide my blood, my skin, my wrinkles, my fat?

In my twenties, the focus on my appearance shifted, but the root of where I spent my energy was the same.
It was still spent on forming an image that would make other people approve of me.
The one with the strongest body. The one that was peaceful and positive. The one who was a good student, the one who was a good teacher, the one who was fun and bubbly but not too loud. The one who could hold all of her emotions and was always working to get rid of her bad feelings.
You have it too, don’t you? The one who is a good mom. The one who is a good daughter. The one who eats the healthiest. The one who is a good person. The one who has the most money.
It was the same, though. The focus was different but it was still the same.
It was still: how could I make sure the people whose opinions I cared about approved of me?

And yet.
It turns out none of that was ever necessary.
I don’t do anything I do now for anyone’s approval.
I don’t care about being seen as strong or successful or pretty or important.
I also do not care if I am seen as jealous or angry or insecure or hurt or selfish or loud.
Because what I have gained on this journey, finally, is the deepest love and total approval of my Self.
What if you deeply, truly loved and *approved* of yourself?

That is why I post my blood. It is a little to liberate other women and a lot to please my Self.
I get so much pleasure from this ritual and I love feeling so free to share it and I love not caring what the reactions will be.
That is how I live my whole life, now.
If you want to heal in this way. If you want to learn this.
SHAMELESS – my 6-week one-on-one coaching program for women is open for registration from now until November 27th.
There are 3 spots available.
Are you brave enough to claim yours?

I will do this every month until people are no longer shocked by it.

I will do it until little girls stop being taught that the natural functions of their bodies are disgusting and unclean.
I will do it until women stop feeling like they can’t have sex on their period because it is gross.
I will do it until we stop being embarrassed that we sometimes bleed through our clothing. Through your sheets.
The idea isn’t to get everyone to put blood on their face (though – wow – does it make your skin glow!) Rather… if I do something soooo shockingly disgusting and put it out in public… maybe someone somewhere will feel like: “well, if she can do *that*, maybe I don’t have to hate my period after all. Maybe my body isn’t that gross after all.” .
Also, it’s fun and I like it

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